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Beginner's course-level A

Learn the basic concepts of forex trading, what this market is all about, and why you should be a part of it.
    • Introduction to forex 
    • forex pairs & quotes- 
    • How to use leverage, calculating pips & how to set a stop /take profit
    • Calculating trading volume & margin
    • Beginners forex trading strategies
    • How to open both live & demo accounts using our recommended brokers
    • How to enter a trade in an mt4/mt5 platform
    • Best trading tools and techniques 
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Beginner's course level B

Familiarize yourself with Both Fundamental & Technical forex analysis . Take your trading routine to the next level.
    Introduction to forex 2 
    Forex charts
    Japanese candlesticks
    Technical analysis
    Forex scalping strategy & swing trading
    Fundamental Analysis 
    Mastering trading Psychology to forex part 1
     How to analyze the best forex broker 
     How to create your own signals 
    Common forex trading mistakes & traps
     One week free Volatility 75 index  signals

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Advance course.

Trade like A Pro! Generate Profits consistently & Stick to your Trading Plan Learn how to be a profitable & successful Investor!
    •Introduction to forex/Major/minor/standard/Exotics/Energies & stocks.
    •How to Invest in Shares, ETFs, CFDs, Bonds & commodities such as Gold, Silver & Oil 
    - Advance forex trading strategies
    •Wave Analysis  
    • Money management in forex 
    •Diversification of Investment portfolio
    • How to create your own trading risk-free signals  
    • Fibonacci analysis
    • How to draw a trading plan
    • Free forex webinar
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One on one private sessions

Involves Technically analyzing the global forex market based on profit-generating strategies , Learn millionaires trading strategies
    •Meet best fx co-founders in Africa 
    •Business partnership & get our certificates
    - PfxS 1 Min  strategy 
    - Account funded  with $150  free
    •Access to our trading bots for 2 weeks 
    • Account management services
    •1-month forex software management course
    •10% Discount 
    • 2 weeks of free signals on Nasdaq
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